7 definitions by hbsteels

A backyard where punk music, usually from old school OC punk bands, is always blasting from the outdoor speakers.
Chris and Linda invited us over to their punkyard for a bbq party this weekend.
by hbsteels June 11, 2008
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A DVD rented from Netflix that skips
I thought we had finally gotten a DVD from Netflix that wasn't scratched, but right at a crucial point in the movie, we realized that it was yet another netskips.
by hbsteels February 21, 2008
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A birthday celebration involving a significant amount of alcohol
Linda was hoping everyone could get together on Saturday to celebrate Chris's drunkday.
by hbsteels January 28, 2008
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The Friday after Thanksgiving when you reuse all of the peanut oil you used to deep fry a turkey and deep fry other items. Including (but not limited to): tempura veges, fish sticks, cheese sticks, oreos, etc.
So, for the camping menu- everyone bring something for Fry-day.
by hbsteels November 22, 2011
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We were hanging out with Chris and Steve in their trailerhood drinking beers.
by hbsteels August 08, 2007
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Pounds gained during a Superbowl party while grazing on nachos, meatballs, lasgana, chips/dip, cake, etc. while drinking beer.
After drinking beer and eating all of the nachos, meatballs, lasgana, chips/dip, and cake at Dennis's Superbowl party, I've gained some superpounds.
by hbsteels February 05, 2008
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To be the designated driver for the nite
Thanks Elena for driving home from the Rancid show last nite! Next show, I'll take the bullet so no one gets a DUI.
by hbsteels September 21, 2008
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