4 definitions by ClownEgirl

When someone is being a simp for a while
Simp mode isn’t any regular type of simp, it’s when they adore you a LOT. Like a LOT a LOT.
Crush: Hey Y/N Simp mode
by ClownEgirl August 5, 2020
If your name is Jalaya, You are so beautiful. Jalaya is an Angel, she is adorable. Everytime she walks in a room, Everyone smiles. Her personality is so great.
Have you seen Jalaya? Damn, she’s gorgeous
by ClownEgirl August 5, 2020
Aj is a sweet person. His laugh is adorable, he makes any girl fall in love with him. His personality is AMAZING! Everyone wants a bf like him.
Girl: Guys, Aj is my bf!
Everyone: Aweee
by ClownEgirl August 5, 2020
Like give your life for someone. Like if someone you love is about to get shot, you would jump in front of them And take the bullet.
Me in real life: I’d take a bullet for my bf anytime
by ClownEgirl August 5, 2020