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A group which seeks to enlighten and inform anime fans of the dangers of becoming fanatics of anime fandom.

Don't confuse anti-anime with the mindless spammers and flamers who only seek to troll on websites and forums.
China has become so anti-anime, they've banned it from their country.
by ODMachine August 22, 2007
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A group of insensitive (yet hypocritical and impatient) people who hate Japanese animation with a passion, label it as a whole genre that so-calls demoralize humanity, discriminate anime fans, and show their hate by imaging an anime character dead or something like that. These people aren't the kindest people, nor are they very sane. This is another form of ignorance, and it ain't bliss!

Their Reasons for their excessive hate:
1. "Overused Artform."
2. AMVs, cosplayers, and the obssessive fans.
3. "Third-Rate" Animation
4. "The same, crappy storylines!"
5. "What reason?"
6. "It's a fact!"
Normal Anime Fan: I like anime, you?
Uninterested Viewer: I don't really like anime.
NAF: That's okay.
Anti-Anime Guy: Preach on, Uninterested Viewer! N.A.F., f**k off, fag!
by Andy Warhead February 15, 2007
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Someoen who hates anime and rather watch stupid shows like ''FRIENDS'' and the gayest shows on FOX and NBC..they hate anime becuz they get money and lots of money off merchandise

People who hate anime or are jealous of it are:

People who rather watch Smallvile and other drama.
Anti-Anime People, who like start to fights with anime fans or flame at them, are jocks and chavs.chavs suck a$$
by somebody named jake June 13, 2007
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