The avetard that drives even though each and everyone of them is baked as shit. Usually this is froomie because he has the highest weed tolerance. The dab rig fucks all these dudes up so they want to go eat and one has to end up driving even though they are high.
Shit, we all baked but froomie said he can be designated driver even though he's baked as fuck and drive us to food.
by TurnM3Up November 12, 2019
At the end of the night, this is the person who is least drunk and still willing to drive.
Tom-who's the designated driver?
Sam-Bob you drive'n?.. (gives him a push and he falls over)
Sam-haha (takes Bob's keys and throws them to tom)
Tom- (catches the keys=good to drive) Alright.
by Matt Steph May 14, 2007
the one in the group who must drink the least for the night
Tron was the designated driver because he only had 4 shots of tequila.
by sean January 10, 2005
probably the one friend that’s afraid to do shit but we love them anyways and we also need them so we don’t die and so they can give us that little act sober pep talk before sending us in to face our parents
anyone: hey so we’re going to the party tonight who’s the designated driver?
that one friend: i got you all
by pussy69destroyer420 January 7, 2020
the induvidual whom transports intoxicated people to and from the bar safetly, and is responsible for them.
alex drove me to the bar but not home soo he is a bad designated driver.
by EDOT February 22, 2006
Those life-saving nerds.
I was too drunk to drive, so it's a good thing Poindexter was around to give my sorry ass a lift home.
by Maximus December 21, 2004
A habitual drinker who is immune to the effects of alcohol.
Good thing our designated driver has only had 10 shots because I'm fuckin wasted!
by ItsHydeyoubitches July 17, 2008