the piece of skin between a womans pussy and asshole because it taint pussy and it taint asshole also see driving range
she's gonna feel some pain in the morning cause i just wacked my balls on her taint
by some guy13 November 4, 2009
The word is involved in a joke:

<Dude> What do you call the area between the pussy and the ass?
<man> what?
<Dude> Taint. Taint ass. Taint pussy>
<man> why is it there?
<Dude> So you can carry it around like a six-pack
The area between the twat and the rectal sphinctor.
by Gito man June 3, 2005
The Area in-between your vagina and your ass.

Bailey's taint has an excessive amount of hair spreading outward to her ass cheeks.
by Jessica VonSchroeder January 24, 2007
The demilitarized zone between a women's snapper and asshole. Highly effective in keeping your tongue in the right hole when its dark.
David was a little drunk and kind of sloppy when he went down on her. Fortunately before he could get too low, he knew he had hit her taint and with alarm, moved his face north quickly. He had a sense that she was a little disappointed.
by GoldbergDLW November 15, 2007
T'ain't pussy T'ain't ass
Man I hit a hard spot. That that Taint pussy or ass.
by junks March 18, 2008
The not so fuzzy region between the browneye and the pink abyss.
Also know as the vaganus.
Riding the unicycle gave my taint a bloody rash.
by TheTaintBandit January 6, 2005
A lovely little patch of real estate between a female's pussy and her ass.
On the Male, this is often referred to as the "twixt".
F. Ain't her cooter, ain't her pooter, it's her taint.
M. it's twixt yer nutsack and yer asscrack.
by BigBlue57 January 1, 2008