Highly multicultural inhabitants of Australia. "The Area" represents the suburb or inner city where a person is from. In general everyone has their own "Area". The Area is generally made up of diverse cultural groups which in turn helps provide Acculturation and Integration within the district.

Similar to North America's Hood and U.K's The Endz although not as rough. 'The Area' bubbles with talent and gifted individuals which face struggles of finding their way out or getting trapped with the wrong crowd.

Referred to places are often within Western Sydney, such as Bankstown, Campbelltown, Blacktown, Burwood, Parramatta to name a few Area's.
What 'Area' are you from?

Let's go back to 'the Area' bro .

What time you gonna be in 'the Area'?
by Samgotknowledge July 26, 2018
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Bankstown (postcode 2200) and surrounding suburbs in Sydney Australia in the state of NSW, also known to NSW police as SWM ( south-west metropolitan ). Well known as having the highest crime rates in the country. Densely populated by ethnics mainly of Middle eastern and asian descent.

People from 'the area' are often seen wearing various brands for example:
Adidas, G-Star, Nike ( TN's, Dri-fit hats, trackpants and hoodies), Gucci ( hats, man bags and sneakers ), Henleys, Lonsdale, Champion, Asics/Tigers, Nautica, Gant USA, Polo Ralph Lauren, Superdry and Mish Mash.

Popular food outlets include Pho An, Sydney Kebabs, Habibs.
"Hey bro, so where are you from?"
"I'm from Bankstown bro"
"What do you mean bro? You should have just said you're from the area."

"Are you from the area cuz?"
by ItsAmes May 23, 2021
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Australian suburban dialect. 'Areas' is a compliment originating from cricket specifying that the current bowler has been placing the ball in locations that the opposing batsman finds difficult to make runs from or puts the batter at a high risk of losing their wicket.

It can be used outside the Cricketing domain as a general compliment for good performance in all occupations and pursuits.
Gary bowls the ball well / Gary gets the attention of the opposite sex at a nightclub.

"Areas Gary!" – Gary's mate
by Nathan Lyon April 7, 2020
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When desto lures her men into her lair in slutty is house beside her bed
“Bring that bitch to my area”
The area aka sex chamber
by Destotexto January 31, 2018
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the section of a building or a school that has to be cleaned.
1.I dont clean in there, thats his area
2.get over there and clean that area
3.hey your area is very dirty
by Anonymous September 6, 2003
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A place where the military is hiding all of those spacey bois. Will shoot you on sight if you get close.
Person 1: I tried walking into Area 51
Person 2: But why though?
Person 1: To see the spacey bois
Person 2: Did you get to see them?
Person 1: No, I was almost shot.
Person 2: What the
by F.B.I Director May 5, 2019
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