The area between ur bits and pieces... Because t'aint your ball sack, and t'aint ur ass crack. Generally after a long day of work it begins to smell of cheese! :)
My taint started to bleed when I jumped on the seatless bike off the Empire state building!
by Jason Witt August 10, 2007
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Vulgar term for the perineum, the area of skin rich in nerve endings that is located below the anus (the opening for bowel movements). For women, the perineum extends to the vaginal opening; for men it extends to the base of the testicles.

Because the perineum is so rich in nerve endings it often feels pleasing to have it touched or stroked. If one is comfortable with being touched on the perineum, its stimulation can be incorporated into a couple's lovemaking to further enhance sexual arousal.

To make stimulation smoother and more comfortable, it is often helpful to lubricate your fingers before stroking the perineum during lovemaking.

As long as the stimulation remains outside the body on the perineum, any type of lubricant (petroleum-base or water-base) will do.

However, because this kind of stimulation is often associated with insertion of the finger into the vagina or anus, or both, a water-base lubricant is recommended and preferred.
My tain't? One hundred percent pure bacon!
by Cervantesco January 19, 2006
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The sensitive tract (see: Area) of epidermis (see: Skin) conveniently located (for the ladies {see:Biotches}) betwixt (see the movie "Young Guns") the male reproductive gennitals (see: Ballsack) and his (or recently trans-formed to "his" {see: Tranny}) rectum (see: Asshole).
The two biotches gently rubbed his taint whilst he fondled his ballsack and fingered his asshole.
by Fucky Fiddlesticks August 02, 2019
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The raised line between and connecting the scrotum and the balloonknot.
..."paint my taint".....or "...taint yur asshole, taint yur ballsack!"
by mark knudsen June 18, 2005
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The small area in between the buttocks and the balls or vagina.
"Dude... be careful of the taint when you get her alone tonight"

"The taint?"

"You know... the spot between her pussy and the asshole..."

"Why's it called that?"

"Cause... you taint fuck it... and you taint eat it..."
by Sabi a.k.a Dark Angel April 06, 2008
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its that lil flap of skin between your balls and ass, or your pussy and ass everyone has one
It taint ass and it taint pussy
anyone have some vagisil for my taint
by supalude August 29, 2005
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