The area of skin between the vagina and asshole. Derived from "It taint the pussy and it taint the asshole."
by Tommy K. June 11, 2005
The area of skin on a woman between her vagina and anus.
It taint your pussy and it taint your ass.
by kissmytaint69 December 28, 2011
The area between a womans pussy and her asshole
I was trying to bang this gal and i slid into her off of her taint. "Taint the pussy and Taint the asshole
by muddy4x4mn March 26, 2005
pussy protection; the flesh area required by insurance companies to indemnify (cover) pussy corruption; assures no fresh poop meanders into close proximity to the vagina region; like a fence or terd levee.
this hippie chick who used to walk around for hours a day in parking lots at phish shows had a giant callus form on her taint.
by craig ellis johnson November 30, 2005
the correct definiton to "taint" is the spot between the vagina and the asshole. That is what taint is. Gooch is the spot between the nut sac and the asshole. Now you know the difference on those spots...
(girl) "That guy was all over me, he was licking from my pussy to my taint"
(2nd girl) "Woah, sounds like he was into you"
by zergtillian October 26, 2006
the patch of skin between the anus and vagina.
Melissa shaves her "taint" and it is quite lovley.
by Rooster June 4, 2002
The flap of skin between your pussy and your asshole.
Girl you have a saggy taint!
by skishbot55 March 26, 2014