When a sailboat switches back and forth, alternating which side of the boat is facing the wind. Tacking allows a boat to make progress in whichever direction the skipper wishes to go.
by zanny May 26, 2004
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Driving a car excessively fast, usually on a country road.
I was tacking down Sherwood Road just before I got pulled over by a cop. Can you believe they searched my car?
by mikwat May 16, 2004
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Sick fuckin swamp thing who lurks in the shadows and breathes as loud as winter winds.

Often seen around a "Stickley"

Shit dude a wild Tacke has appeared.

by Stickmeister April 17, 2009
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Being added to slack/discord/teams channels against your will. A modern play on the word "attacked".
I was @tacked the other day when a sev1 came up, wasn't even my job!
by Tigwyk September 24, 2019
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