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York University is a school that is populated with people who do not act their age and who are dumb asses. York is a horrible school and the only reason why people go there is because it is so easy. Here are some guidelines for men if they want to be accepted by the students in that school:
1. Buy a cell phone
2. Buy expensive clothes
3. Look like you are in your 20s
4. Have to be tall around 5'9 to 6'0 is what they usually want
5. Be clean cut
If you do not follow these guidelines, numbers 3 and 4 are most important, you will be subjected to childish name calling like fagot, pussy, bitch, fag, little shit or you will be pointed out, here is an example, "Look at that guy" York should not be called a university it should be called a high school. It should be burned down and someone from U.F.T should piss on the ashes.
York where the dumb asses go
York the school where the picked on want to gun down everyone
by Steve November 26, 2004
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one who goes to the vineyard for some whale watching bush wacking fun.
mark is such a vinyarder when it comes to mary.
by Steve February 16, 2005
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Standard Temperature and Pressure, a Chemistry term referring to gasses under normal or ideal conditions.
S.T.P for oxygen gas is 25 degrees c and 1 atm of pressure
by Steve December 5, 2003
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A very large vainy penis
Yalls got yourself a nice big rando there.

Bill jammed his rando inside of sally.
by Steve October 14, 2004
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maybe after were done listening to ICP and having anal sex we can drink a 2 litre of faygo
by Steve September 3, 2002
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The crispy parts of doughnuts, usually not intentionally made; however, very tasty.

Function: noun
The doughnuts have lots of yummy flenge today!
by Steve December 17, 2003
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The crispy parts of doughnuts, usually not intentionally made; however, very tasty.
The doughnuts have lots of yummy flenge.
by Steve May 7, 2005
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