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sumthin Bush made in to a crappy symbol for all the world to hate... Thanks Bush, u ruined patriotism, u little faggot.
All of the UN hates us and Bush
by Steve February 6, 2004
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An uneasy feeling while being preached to.
The residual effect thereof.
The Jehovah Witness folks came by today and left their angel scat in the foyer. I was more interested as to where they bought their leather cases than their interpretation of heaven.
by Steve January 22, 2005
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This word is any animal with human characteristics.
The popular PC Game Everquest, has many Anthrpomorphic characters in the game, such as a lion, and frog.
by Steve July 29, 2004
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to sit and sulk about ones love life while cranking winey emo music.
Sarah stood up Steve, so Steve decided to go home and emo out.
by Steve November 7, 2004
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money or an equivalent given in addition to an employee's usual compensation
Top executives at AIG received really nice Christmas Employee Retention Fees this year.
by Steve December 11, 2008
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It takes a lot of talent and guts to be able to pull off this risky move. IF your giving a girl a rim job you carefully pour salsa into her ass, get a bag of chips and continue to eat her ass with chips.
I was hungry and wanted some action so i decided on the Estaban Loaiza
by Steve December 7, 2003
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Bushs Euphoric hate for saddam...
by Steve November 17, 2003
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