A small town in North Western Pennsylvania known for its meth, ganja, and grapes. Every Winter Mother Nature takes a four foot shit of snow on this town and the schools never close as long as the superintendant can get there in her four-wheel drive SUV.

Downtown consists of a pop machine and fat ass cops busting kids for skating and smoking reefer and loitering around the few small pieces of civilization that exist.

This town is the Pennsylvania capitol for beaners and degos. Every person is related in some way or another and indulges in incestuous sex at one point in their lives. There also is a pizza shop on every corner and an italian resturaunt on top of every pizza shop.

Most likely the most shit-ass town you will ever pass through on your way to the even shittier Erie, or Buffalo, NY.
Damn, Joe! I just passed through the most Shit-Ass town, North East, on the way to Buffalo! I just saw Lucy having sex with her sons,rolling around in dego grease and pepperoni balls!
by POPO ZAO January 22, 2009
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Also called "No Teef", Maryland because most of its inhabitants are absent teeth.
North East should be named "No Teef" as it more adequately describes the shithole.
by CecilCountySucks June 15, 2009
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cockney rhyming slang meaning to go for a slash or urinate
God, i couldnt half do with a North east
by stefanrocket August 28, 2007
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A totally shite bus company that should be burned in hell. Simple really. Just look at their fleet. Full of shite.
Arriva North East is a shite company.
by lewis_middlemass October 23, 2020
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a School full of petty white hoes who fuck their cousins and will snitch on they grandma. All the girls that go here are desperate asf and think they all that, but in reality they just basic trashy whores. The guys here think if they play sports they are
Immediately better than anyone else. They are the basic wannabe jocks. This school by far is the shitttest place to go. I’d rather clean up horse shit or maybe even take a trip to hell. Northeast the basic hick town.
by Gr8y December 28, 2017
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Go North East, the region's leading bus operator in the North East of England. Their high class of service is among the best in England bus operators wise. Their management team is also now one of the best around, their #BetterThanEver slogan is now in full swing. They have a whole host of premium services such as "X Lines" and "Voltra". They are also the first company in the North East to host a whole fleet of fully electric buses.
Go North East is much better than Arriva, their high standard of service is the best in the North East.
by NETransport October 1, 2020
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1.) n. Abbr. EN
The direction on a compass or compass rose corresponding to exactly halfway between due north and due east; 78°45 east of due north.

2.) n. Abbr. eAz NoRf
A gang based in Buffalo, New York. Composed of only the most hardcore of gangsters, they are widely renowned for their considerable skill in the avoidance of nut deezage. They are left alone for the most part, excepting those most arrogant haters and the flock of women flanking them daily.
orig. The name is derived from the name of the street on which their school is located.
East North (EN) is often considered far superior to the Midwest Couple.
by David Harrelson January 3, 2005
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