39 definitions by mikwat

An adjective used by McDonalds and other fast-food restaurants meaning that the largest possible fries and drink will be coming with your meal.
I got my #1 super sized. Can you imagine eating this junk three times a day like that guy in the movie Super Size Me?
by mikwat May 24, 2004
A Brazilian slang term for a woman with nice body and ugly face.
Aquela menina é raimunda, feia de cara e boa de bunda!

That girl is raimunda, ugly face an nice ass.
by mikwat May 14, 2004
A classic, solid brass pipe often used for smoking marijuana. Rumored to have originated from Willits, CA.
Hey dude, I just got some dank, where's your protopipe?
by mikwat May 22, 2004
Used to describe a detailed process or activity that proceeds without problems.
by mikwat October 9, 2004
When one has a lot of work to do. Similar to knee deep.
I am up to my chin right now in pointless school work. If one more thing gets added to the pile I'm going to need a snorkel!
by mikwat May 27, 2004
A derogatory term for the small town of Willits, California, USA.
Snowflake didn't graduate high school so he still lives in Illwits... what a loser.
by mikwat May 21, 2004