Sick fuckin swamp thing who lurks in the shadows and breathes as loud as winter winds.

Often seen around a "Stickley"

Shit dude a wild Tacke has appeared.

by Stickmeister April 17, 2009
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Being added to slack/discord/teams channels against your will. A modern play on the word "attacked".
I was @tacked the other day when a sev1 came up, wasn't even my job!
by Tigwyk September 24, 2019
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any thing tacky. usually found in Florida gift shops, especially on the side of the highway. usually includes dogs dressed as people or ornamental plates.also includes "folk art" made from seashells and those ugly bracelets that come with your name on them (if you can find your name.)
person 1: I bought this tapestry kittens on it, they're wearing hats isn't that cute?

person 2: where do you keep finding all this tack?
by tuveuxvoir? July 07, 2009
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