A pretty bad-ass hoss. Don't be fooled by the properness of his name, this is a funky mofo, ya herd?
Yo, who dat on 'OZ?

That's Sherwood man. That mutha furya is so unnecessary!
by The Wood! February 3, 2010
Name of a large Welsh creature with a shaggy coating of fur. Usually un-sociable.
...Sherwoods have no friends.
by nalolba April 27, 2009
A town at the far southwest of the Portland metro area full of rich snobs that care about nothing but football. Also known as Sherweed
I'm getting out of Sherwood as soon as I can.
by Bowmen_19 September 13, 2013
A maneuver where a man reaches underneath a girl's crotch, from behind, and then extends his arm forward/upward to fondle the girl's breast. When performed correctly, it is disturbingly similar to the proper technique for delivering first aid and rescue breathing to a choking infant.

This can also be advanced to the master level, i.e, the Double Sherwood, where it is performed simultaneously on two women. The Double sherwood should never be attempted by amatuers as severe injury could result for all participants.

The Triple Sherwood is a legendary move (on par with the existence of Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster) primarily due to the necessity of a third arm for the deliverer of the Sherwood.
Party dude #1: What the hell?!? Amber's getting her tit grabbed but there's no one visible!

Party dude #2: Oh, yeah--that's 'cause Eddie is sitting behind her. He's giving her the Sherwood.

Party dude #1: OK, now I got it...does Eddie realize his elbow's gonna smell like tuna for the rest of the night?
by James Woods' bodyguard October 16, 2011
Somone Who usually perfers to have things shoved up the anal side of there body
Your Such a Sherwood
I love sherwoods
by marc rolhma May 9, 2006
The act of taking a dump in a girls vagina and then spooning it out and eating it
IIm gonna give that chick the best sherwood on the weekend
by silentstorm666 October 18, 2007
1. Bragging uncontrollably

2. Talking and/or telling a joke that 1 or less people understand

3. Bragging about nonsense

4. Talking about nonsense
Aiden: I am so good in that game I could beat you any day 'cus you suck at cheese so much...

Dan: Stop sherwooding!