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When two or more bitches are in the same room and speak to each other over via instant messaging, rather than speaking to each other; Mostly used for communicating gossip about another who is present in the room.
Oh, she was there, so we just whispered about her while she was in the room.

Ignore them, they are just whispering about other people...
by AlexDannyRae November 26, 2007
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Has the same qualities as talking/speaking however it is strictly between those two people as they do not want to expose their interest in each other to the public.
I don’t want to start a relationship, can we start whispering instead
by Funfunnypants December 08, 2017
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When you and someone are in a group chat and you message them outside of that group chat.
What do you mean they are hanging out?”
“Yeah they were whispering outside the group chat
by Thiccy Niccy July 21, 2018
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