The study of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, digging up dinosaur remains. Digging up a dinosaur skeleton or a fossil as a job.
My uncle digs up dinosaurs and does other paleontology things like finding preserved insects, he's a Paleontologist.
by Reaper 5 February 19, 2007
The process of a younger woman looking for an older man.
She must be into paleontology, she really likes those old bones.
by Beganator April 3, 2010
Paleontology is the study of geological events before (sometimes including) the Holocene Epoch which we currently live in. It includes the study of ancient organisms, extinction events, and changes to the Earth.
Kiersten: Bro this paleontology guy just found another dinosaur fossil, how does he find so much?
by thealtf4psychic April 22, 2021