That package of papers teachers and professors hand out to students on the first day of class that explains course expectations, weekly schedule, grading policies, and a basic summary of class topics. The syllabus is used in high schools, colleges, and universities around the world as a way to show consistency of the learned material.
Ross: Ok, students here is your syllabus for the next 18 weeks. You have 3 exams, 2 papers, and one homework assignment each week.
Students: (whispering) I heard rumors that this dude is totally easy. Paleontology is easy because of this guy.
by Syllabus654321 April 22, 2009
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a giant fucking packet of papers containing an outrageous quantity of material that is to be learned within two days before a comprehensive final exam in a medical school endocrinology course.
Scott: "Hey Jack, did you read the syllabus for today's lectures yet?"

Jack: "Yea, I started, but I only made it 1/100th of the way through before I hemorrhaged out of my ears because it's such a fucking behemoth of material."
by disgruntled34 March 24, 2010
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The method of transportation used by large groups that have a propensity towards singing, marching, flash mobs, or other group activities in a silly nature. Pronounced: sill-eh-bus-ez or sill-ee-bus-ez, dependant on region.
The new military classes got in their syllabuses to go to school (or training).
by Grammy Girl August 16, 2011
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From Greek, <i>to take together</i>

Plural: syllabontes. NOT syllabi. There exists NO Latin word syllabus, syllabi; nor even Greek syllabos, syllábou. Only Greek syllabos, syllabontos.
I xeroxed the syllabus for the Talmud course, and gave it to my male friend; I would have given him the syllabontes of the other courses, as well, but he already had them.
by Classicist and Talmudist January 19, 2005
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