A gathering of a group of 4 people for a game of foosball
There was a summary of people take aim on the foosball table
by Steve Peaches August 22, 2018
Oops, Mary ought'o be careful 'bout gettin' that summary right.
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
An extremely short summary. The kind of summary that can be used when you're going up or down in an elevator, and can explain the matter during those few seconds
I was in an elevator and had 40 seconds to explain my proposal to a billionair investor.That was the only period which I was allowed to me by the investor. So I used an elevator summary by telling him "I have a scheme which can save you millions of dollars. You only have to invest few thousand and spend 2 days in my holiday resort. The returns are guaranteed and vouched by Mr. ..."
by Shamsheer Sharma January 5, 2008
A great guy who ensures that you dont die due to an apocalypse/monster outbreak. Also makes sure you have a damn good day.
'Hey, Cinema Summary told me to have a damn good day!'
by lampostt January 28, 2021
Verb- /informal/
Used to tell to the ones you dislike.
In conclusion up to this point, not to summarize the whole story. You are done with this!
A random flex guy: I have my new American Express credit card and I will apply for some more big status cards in the future.
Me: Let me summary up, you just have 1 card, and it’s $500 limit !!
by Milky Seal November 17, 2021
not paying attention in class? dont understand the lesson? well then the daily summary will make you cry.
a summary of your blissful earth science minutes in your do now book.
homie #1: can i copy your daily summary?
homie #2: yeah just change it up a little so she doesnt think we copied
homie #1: ok thanks bro
by fairycxt February 25, 2020