you need to focus
by supergirl2126 February 24, 2010
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to intentionally break your skateboard out of anger, frustration or disgust
I got pissed and focussed my board.
If you focus your board, you won't be able to skate unless you've got a spare
by Slyder February 17, 2005
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When one, in a frustration endused rage, breaks thier skateboard useing his/her foot. This is believed to relieve the stress that comes with the frustration of not being able to land a certain trick.
Man breaks skateboard "Yo, i just focused my deck"
Asking someone to break thier skateboard "dude, just focus it"
"focusing my deck felt good"
by sNkI8CeKr January 5, 2006
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1. To concentrate on.
2. To make clear.
"Dude, come on, just focus."
"Did you just say 'fuck ass?' Get away from me!"
by Eric Bot July 4, 2003
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A brilliant 70's rock band, still rocking today, hits include, House of the king, Hocus Pocus and Silvia.
Many people would recognise these numbers as they have all been used on television as theme tunes and advertisment support.
Jan Akkerman, Thus Van Leer, Piere Van DerLinden and others
Focus, Still rocking after all these years!
by jeffd April 13, 2006
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To break your skateboard in the very middle. Focusing all your weight and energy in the middle of the board. Intentionally or unintentionally.
I fuckin focused my board dude.
by Jorden Elliott December 14, 2007
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a slow from the factory car, that like every tuner car made, has the potential to be a great. it handles quite well out of the box, but acelerates for shit.
i own a focus ZX5, it was slow, then i put 15 grand and overnight parts from mars, and now its lightning quick.
by lee March 7, 2005
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