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1. In reference to gay relationships, a homosexual male who sometimes serves as a top and sometimes serves as a bottom, especially within the confines of a single relationship. Particularly popular in the slash fanfiction community.

2. Also used to describe the relationship in which such a pair of people exists.
1. Some people might assume that Brian's the top and Daniel's the bottom, but actually they are both totally switchy.

2. Brian and Daniel have a very switchy sex life.
by NS20 November 01, 2005
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A game where the player takes turns picking their nose and their ass with the same finger.
What are all the consultants doing? I don't know, guess they are playing switchy. That is how they pass the time.
by DanburyCraig April 08, 2008
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A game played solo. This game is played by placing index finger in your ass, and the other in your mouth. On a count of 3, you switch your fingers and wait 15 seconds. After those 15 seconds, you switch your fingers again and wait 30 seconds. It's every 15 seconds stacked on time. The game never ends until you have a whole turd formed in your mouth.
Yeah mom I played Switchy by myself and now I feel suicidal!
by Elijah With Ultra Clout October 31, 2017
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adj. switchยทy (sw-ich-ee)

. the state of being both sweaty and itchy.
" Dude, my balls are switchy. "

by Cynthius April 28, 2010
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