V. To swear like a grandmother, or, more generally, like an elderly woman, using phrases such as "dogonit," "fiddlesticks," and other mild interjections such as these.
Grandmother: "Oh fiddlesticks! I burnt the biscuits. Dogonit if this darn oven don't work right."
John: "Wow, granny, don't you know you shouldn't granny swear?"
by stuckMan March 4, 2015
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An eternally binding act of hooking pinky fingers together in an attempt to seal the deal of a promise that has been made.
I promise to never do that again!
Do you pinky swear?
by Melia May 4, 2005
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When a person retorts a mass of consecutive swear words in response to an unfavourable action that may have been accidental or deliberate. This usually is due to pain, loss of valuables, regrettable remark during a social evening or a temperamental outburst from friends or affiliations.
Bob: Oh sorry, John I accidentally cut your finger off with my lawn mower again. I can't take you to the hospital now though, I have to get my lawn ready for the "Lawn of the Week Competition".
John: MY f*****g FINGER, IT f*****g HURTS SO MUCH!! F*****g s**t c**t a*****e, you m****r f******g b****h, etc. etc.
Bob: Oh no, you're projectile swearing again.
by Procrastinate January 11, 2009
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To make the ultimate swear, by combining everyday objects with otherwise horribly vulgar statements. Usually stated by people named Gebran while playing Modern Warfare 2.
Super Swearing examples:

"He keeps coming around and SUCKING MY COCK!"

"You fucking cuntmuffin!"

"You raccoon testicle!"
by Jerome Washburn March 9, 2010
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A coin bank that one puts a coin into whenever he says something profane.
Oh, damn it! I have to put some more money in the swear jar.
by davarinofuntucson July 25, 2015
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(v.) When you promise to all of your friends on facebook that you will do something. (n.) an promise made on social media in an effort to hold yourself accountable.
I facebook swear that I will never watch the news again after the way the media exploited the worst our country has to offer.
by whocaresaboutNY November 11, 2016
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