Just a different way of saying "the shit" or "awesome." Where'd it come from you ask? It seems random you say? Well sir, I pulled it out of my ass.
by YapmelkXela September 15, 2011
Popeyes bless your soul with these biscuits
popeyes bless yo soul with these biscuits aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh
by robzerger February 27, 2017
the comparison of hitting someone with a combination or flurry of punches, usually 2 or 3 hits, with a personal fried chicken meal of the same number of pieces.

Because a 2 or 3 pc. meal usually includes a biscuit (among other things like a side dish), "with a biscuit" makes reference to this indirectly. This exclamatory term was coined by MaSTA SoLIDUS, and is usually used in multiplayer action games, or while watching anything where a person/party is hit with a combo of punches.

Sometimes contracted to just 'biscuit' or 'the biscuit'.
- "With a Biscuit"

- Man he tried to duck, so I caught him in the stomach...two piece. With a biscuit.

- All he does is give them the biscuit when he plays Gears of War.

by MaSTA_SoLIDUS October 10, 2008
A rebuke for ill-considered or unsuccessful behavior; often, a parody of the phrase, "Bad dog! No biscuit!"
A website devoted to bad writing and its prevention:
"Bad fanfic! No biscuit!"

A math teacher to a class:
"No! No cancelling across a plus sign! Bad algebra! No biscuit!"

A blogger about his slow computer:
"Bad network! No biscuit!"
by Amar Nagesh May 18, 2009
What you risk it for...
Risk it for a biscuit
by SuperCam December 16, 2014
A gun. See Outkast song "Red Velvet."
You got a body guard, I let my nigga tote the biscuit" - Big Boi
by stankonia July 10, 2003