one's own unique style or personality that sets them apart from anyone else.
girl: why you datin' this dude? he don't even look that good.
girl 2: i don't know what it is... it's just his swagga
by Tony Malachi December 7, 2007
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swagga is what makes you unique, distinctive and definitive.swagga is also character, personality, attitude and style all roled into one.
no one on the corner has swagga life us-T.I-Swagga Like Us
by mike aka nemesis October 16, 2008
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The way a person is seen or how a person carries his/herself around or in the presents of others
Did you see that guy? He got a nice swagga.
by ANyiZZLE! April 15, 2009
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It's a dumbass excuse for how people act.
Him 1: Damn that dude is fucking retarted
Him 2: It must be his swagga...we should've never gotten rid of the Jim Crow Laws.
by Loading, Please Wait... December 6, 2010
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ones appearance, character or circumstance
if mr.bravo gives me an A he will have mad swagga in my eyes!
by boyeleazer October 28, 2008
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your personalilty, your popularity.
girl 1: yo georgina was poping mad shit about you
girl 2: yo fuck that bitch she stay hatin on my swagga
by ch3rry December 9, 2009
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