Drinking large amounts of Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (DXM)based cough syrup, and then embarking on an adventure while wandering around neighborhoods or parks all night. This is usually done while listening to Punk rock music from a portable jambox.
Todd, TJ, and Skelton spent a lot of time poping in the 80's
by Toddly September 10, 2006
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an act of Catholic paedophillia
'that guy should be locked up! he was full on poping that kid!'
by McLeanCooper May 18, 2010
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v. 1. acting as or like the pope. 2. acting as pimping as the the pope. 3. (vulgar) a generic insult.
1. When I stole the pope's hat, I was poping!
2. Man, Jamal was popin' all up and down the street yesterday.
3. Motherpoping poper!
by deepomega July 07, 2003
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A Person getting killed in EVE Online by a Member of the "Sixth Empire" (6E) Alliance.

Blessing a Person in the Name of the Space Pope through actions of the Pope himself or another Member of Sixth Empire.
Known as

"spreading Love with/by Lasers"


"receiving Love with/by Lasers".

A successful blessing (poping) results in the complete destruction of the poped Pilots Ship and/or Pod.
- He was poped by that 6E Pilot.
- Poped you, Mike Foxtrot!
by Lance Taggart April 07, 2021
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Said right after mentioning something that could be attributed as being paedophilic in nature.
"Aye bruh you want me to pick your two kids up from school no pope doe."
by TheBasedWizard February 22, 2012
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A holy dude witha cool hat and bullet-proff golf cart
I like the pope, the pope smokes dope.
by King Kong December 21, 2003
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