A beautiful name,(an angel for above) a fantastic name for a girl, Expecially when a special someone is amazing in so many ways, kind in heart and soul, but most of all a smile that lights up a dull and dark room. Beautiful in everyway.
georgina = Angel from Above
by TurkRomeo May 31, 2008
a girl who tries her best to make others happy yet she’s one of the saddest around. she hasn’t got a bad bone in her body and is classed as “to nice”. georgina is a person who can get hurt and blame it on herself. she loved her friends unconditionally and will never do anything to harm them. georgina tried to help anyone who needs it even if she’s the one who needs help, she’ll help you first.
oh look, she’s way to nice. she much be a georgina
by an angel from hell November 12, 2019
That boy gave my GEORGINA the bestest playte I’ve ever had!
by Harry Olley September 5, 2009
a girl who has rats/mice in her room
"theres a rat", -she must be a georgina
by wahwahwahslksdjflja February 20, 2009
a bloody fookin' funny fuckaaaaaaar whom will get killed if she shows her garter to anyone other than her wifeeeeee for lifeeeeeeee.
"she's such a georgina."
"yeahh,everythings going down south"
"check out her hannahs!"
by JELLYBEAAN! January 28, 2008
a girl that has very big forehead with a quadruple chin.
Georgina is a ballet dancer, and she is addicted to bid D
by The coolkidhere69 March 9, 2017
American and Greek origin

A georgina is a sweet and romantic girl but can have a bitchy side when she needs to. She is a natural-born leader and very persuasive. Often boys might find themselves falling in love with her which relates to her seductive, sensual and flirty nature.

She can make friends easily but is a very independent person and can do things on her own if she has to. She is very beautiful and amazing at sex so if you have her as a girlfriend, look after her, respect her and defend her as lots of boys AND girls will be jealous.
Wow she’s so fit!
Yep she must be a Georgina.
by masbbygalxox April 8, 2020