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By adding the word “the”, intercourse no longer singularly includes penile insertion into the vaginal cavity but expands to entail all sexual relations, whether that be inhalation of the dong, the australian smooches, or even a brush of a titty as you sit down on the couch.
Want to have the big sex?

Nah let’s have the intercourse
by WhyMyPPsmall March 18, 2018
A special agency of the Thot Patrol that focuses it’s efforts upon one singular town or city. A majority of their affairs involve high school aged thots, although that can vary from place to place. This agencies job is to regulate harlotry locally in order to prevent nationwide catastrophe of thottery as well as protect the locals from small acts of thottery that usually go unnoticed by the larger divisions of Thot Patrol.
lHey, did you see bust at school last night?

Yea, I heard the Local Thot Patrol deadass caught a bunch of thots lackin😤💯
Ayye 🅱️ we gotta hop on that Patrol know what I’m sayin?

Hell yea no 🅱️hots allowed.
by WhyMyPPsmall March 14, 2018
A Big Nibba, but of the caucasian skin color. Often much less ganger and less terrifying.
Ayyo big wibba, you require sustainence?
by WhyMyPPsmall April 14, 2019
If you are missing a lot of braincells you may say this phrase in order to overpower any comment thrown at you, whether that be “Your mom gay” “No U” even overcoming the dreaded “Ur grandpap a trap”. No other phrase has been, is now, or ever will be more powerful than this. No matter what.
by WhyMyPPsmall March 14, 2018
A higher tier word used by higher level thinkers who are hungry.
Gayge: A boy named Gayge require sustenance
Rollin: Right away
by WhyMyPPsmall April 14, 2019
An individual who is oddly hilarious while simultaneously being near unlovable, driving all people, especially females, away while being an all around horrible human being.
Man, I feel bad for Tanner, he seems sad and unloved.
Don’t feel bad it’s Tanner
Oh yea
by WhyMyPPsmall November 14, 2017
Refuting the your mom gay jokes with a simple statement neither putting her neither above nor below
Your mom gay

Your mom moderate
yo... your... your dad adequate
by WhyMyPPsmall March 14, 2018