Just enough (the whole shaft could be the tip)
I went back with John last night… it was… sufficient.
by DomVs27 August 25, 2017
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When someone who is half deaf misheard you when you said "suspicious" and doesnt want to seem like a dumbass so they go with it when its meaningless and they are just retarded
"That's so suspicious of them""Ah yes very sufficious"
by Sufficious_Bitch February 17, 2022
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"he recovered sufficiently to resume his duties
by SmartyGabba March 21, 2018
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The ability to not require me to babysit your ass on every little task that needs to be completed. Furthermore, not having to remind you of every little task that is required of you. Also, you being able to navigate the damn "help" tutorial on the computer, website, mobile device, etc. instead of expecting ME to be your "help" tutorial. Basically, being able to do ANYTHING your own damn self without annoying me.
I work with a ton of "independent contractors" in sales who can't seem to be able to wipe their own butt without me explaining it to them, writing down the directions, printing off a tutorial or loading a video for them demonstrating how to do so. I wish they could all be self sufficient.
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1) When attending a banquet (or buffet for the less fortunate) and stuffing your face full of good food to the point where your belly is just comfortable, you may express that you are sufficiently siphonsiphide.

2) When life is so great to the point where you are "happy as Larry" or "happy as a hot hog in a cold puddle of mud" or you are content to the point of being sufficiently siphonsiphide.
When eating a pizza at a posh pizza place surronded by many good friends, (and probably a couple of wankers too) just before putting the last piece of pizza in your mouth you say, "ahhh... I am suffiently siphonsiphide"

After having the best sex in your life and orgasming hard enough to blow your balls through the eye of your old boy (thus simulating birth), just before rolling over for a well deserved sleep the last thought that runs through your head is "ahh... I am sufficiently siphonsiphide!"
by Wickiwi March 3, 2009
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Awesome, but not TOO awesome.
*While buzzed on beer.* This pizza is sufficiently awesome.
by Orion February 27, 2005
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Friend that meets all your emotional needs, but you are not physically attracted to one another.
My sufficient other and I can complete one another's sentences, and he loves my new haircut, to bad I do not find him at all sexy.
by hillymack August 16, 2008
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