talking to girls in a more than friendly way and higher
tom is getting bitches

lee is getting bitches
by it5marc July 7, 2017
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To assert your dominance on someone, or to overpower someone, you say it after you bitch on them,
My friend tried to tackle me but I tackled him and yelled Get Bitched On to him.
by PimpNamedSlickback69 November 15, 2019
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A different way of saying “get fucked”. Getting bitched means you were so fucking screwed over by a bitch that you have lost all living privileges.
Bro 1: “Oh God bro no the teacher just asked me to give a presentation on a zoom call and I didn’t even pay attention
Bro 2: “haha bro get bitched
by Cornucopiaofcum April 16, 2020
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When a male player shoots another male player so hard, he changes sex upon death.
by TheRealLoki October 11, 2019
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The actual phrase commonly mistaken for "snitches get stitches" created to keep people from capitalizing on all the bitches you get from snitching.
Ya, heard that shit from greg on main street, i dont even care if im snitching, snitches get bitches.
by DrDogBalls June 3, 2017
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