A term used to describe a woman who may be promiscuous. A woman would be referred to as a suspect if she is very flirty, wears revealing clothing, gets drunk and bangs anyone in sight. If you are the one to receive her services then you have "confirmed" her. See "confirmed"
Brian: "Benny, is that girl in the tight mini-skirt walking this way a Suspect"

Benny: "She could be, but we'll have to confirm her first"
by A.P. May 01, 2006
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An indie rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts consisting of Johnny Stevens (vocals and guitar), Rich Meyer (bassist), and Ryan Meyer (drummer). They released their self-titled debut album in 2011, their second, Mister Asylum, in 2015, and their third, The Boy Who Died Wolf, in 2016. Their music is a superb blend of old-fashioned rock, grunge, blues, and alternative (and a little dash of emo for good measure).
Person 1: Hey, have you listened to Highly Suspect?
Person 2: If course! They're destined to be the next Nirvana.
by officialFRiDGE February 22, 2017
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Intense vigorous masturbation where nothing can brake your concentration on the job at hand.
I went to the kitchen last night to get a drink of water. When I walked through the living room I noticed there was porn on the TV and my roommate was sprawled out in the lazy boy ruffing the suspect. I got my drink and went back to bed. He never even noticed I was there.
by Johnny S.F. April 26, 2011
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a term used by really gay teachers, when they feel students have indulged in acts of illegal activities. Students are placed on "suspect watch" and are sometimes interrogated by teachers.
You walk in late to class with your head down. Teacher yells at you "Yo boy, you are on suspect watch! Put cha damn head up and lemme look at them eyes"
by Katzilla January 16, 2006
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A adjective describing the ease in getting caught in a situation. "Dude the shit you did last nigh. It was mad-suspect." Also can be used to describe a person.
Dude that shit was mad-suspect
Your gonna get caught that was mad-suspect
Your shit- Its mad-suspect
by Sustpectco December 23, 2007
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