3 definitions by camel

bl is where you go to school if you are better than everyone else. it is where you go if you don't NEED to do your homework. if you don't NEED to study. not that it matters, it's not like necessity is enough to get us to do anything anyway. all you need to attend BL is a wealth of knowlege about movies, and you need to KNOW that you are better than everyone else, simply because you are better looking, smarter, and more charismatic than them. a lax stick is not required, but it helps.
"That was amazing." she said, as she rolled over and went to sleep.
by camel May 06, 2005
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a term used to describe somthing that you do not trust.
"this car looks good"
but the other one looks kind of suspect"
by camel May 07, 2005
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white boys tryin to act blck which pissed everyone in my hood off likes to act big and tuff but they the ones gettin ruffed up everyday
by camel October 06, 2003
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