3 definitions by Livingbakedashell

an extremely sketchy individual or situation that raises suspicion, or any comment made by an individual that causes uncertainty and/or awkward situations.
Sean: "Yo Michael, you heard Old Man Jenkins was at Michelle's 4th birthday party?"

Michael: "That's suspect as hell. WTF"

James: "Bro I finally caught two squirrels yesterday."
Billy: "Why were you trying to catch squirrels?"
James: "Don't worry about it........"
Billy: "That's so suspect......"
by Livingbakedashell February 15, 2011
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y'all fools was too slept last night. you talked to the wall!!
by Livingbakedashell August 13, 2011
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having that laid back, chill swagger that all the honeys love. basically not giving a fuck and kicking it with the homies and a lot of pot.
Creeper: "damn man Jared never gets pissed"
Hasselhoff: "he's california cool man."
by Livingbakedashell August 15, 2011
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