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A combination of Doper-Stumble. A confused state of mind or body brought about by over consumption of intoxicants.
As I Dumble down the hallway I realize I have no idea where I am.
by dws1961 February 18, 2013
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"Dumble" - Verb, to dumble.

The verb to dumble describes the action where some lanky chinese motherfucker peer pressures his friend to hold his birthday at his residence. The party goers then proceed to wreak absolute havoc in the poor lads house.

Drugs are often shared round, with marijuana often being supplied and Ritalin doing its rounds.

At the conclusion of the party, a shit is often found in the neighbours letterbox and many crate bottles are situated at the bottom of the pool.

At least one item of expence must be stolen, usually a laptop. Should this not suffice, holes are kicked in walls to make sure he who is being "dumbled" knows this is the case.

This action is the repeated a week later when the 15 Ritalin wears off each person.
"Oi Ashley, did you go to that party on the weekend?", "Yeah bro, that house got fully dumbled. I think I saw a chair in the pool at one stage".
"I got given so many ritalin that night, the house must have been dumbled".
"wheres a good party to go to bro?", "I heard there is a house getting dumbled down the mount tonight, lets go steal his laptop".
by mytimeanytime October 16, 2013
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The most magical lady who uses her wagical powers to illuminate the minds of her many students, explaining the almighty werticies and wariations of the mathematical world. All of her pupils are forewer exited by her wary, wary, wary wagical ways...Often she can be found in her office, practicing her spells and enriching the minds of her student... her faworite actiwity is to be tickled by her son as well as her students. BEWARE- Newer take her wand (chalk).
The one and the only DUMBLE MISTRESS herself
by WAGGIE April 08, 2008
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Stupid stupid stupid
Dumble is a stupid nickname for a horrible teacher that no one likes.
"What did you get on Dumble's test?"

"90, she gave me so many answers she should have taken it herself"
by ihatedumble April 09, 2008
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someone who emulates good ole albus dumbledore from harry potter. This can be done in numerous ways:
1) being very hairy. this does not just have to be in the beard department. it can be eyebrows, nostrils, ears or err..anywhere else.
2) specs
3) a quivvering voice - very popular amongst the aging.
4) gowns/robes
5) tendancy to get their wand out and flash it around a bit too much
6) walking with a hunch/eccentric stride
7) generally acting like someone who believes they own a whole magical realm yet having the assetts of an old man.

these are only a few ways to identify a dumble.
dumble-pube can also be used to describe anything wispy and grey that looks unlikely to be a dumble-beard.
'omg what a dumble!!!!!!!!!!'
'wow he is literally the most bumbling dumble i have ever seen.'
'indeed he seems to fumble more than even the most renouned dumble himself!!!'
etc etc
by Shmurgally <3 November 16, 2008
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n. A short, fat, slow man with little to no grasp on the workings of technological devices, though he is "in the field".

v. To royally fuck up anything and everything one does.
"Man, he really dumbled that help call".
by LandoAWD September 29, 2005
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