A dwarf elf. Elves are already small by nature, dumbles are dwarf elves, very small.
Emily is short she could be an elf, or even a dumble!
by Elflord123 October 28, 2019
A combination of Doper-Stumble. A confused state of mind or body brought about by over consumption of intoxicants.
As I Dumble down the hallway I realize I have no idea where I am.
by dws1961 February 19, 2013
An act.

Combination of 'dumb' and 'mumble'; where you dumb-ish if you continue mumble/mumbling.
I look dumble if I keep talking in French; I ain't that fluent in French.
by m-ee-na-ish March 19, 2017
The most magical lady who uses her wagical powers to illuminate the minds of her many students, explaining the almighty werticies and wariations of the mathematical world. All of her pupils are forewer exited by her wary, wary, wary wagical ways...Often she can be found in her office, practicing her spells and enriching the minds of her student... her faworite actiwity is to be tickled by her son as well as her students. BEWARE- Newer take her wand (chalk).
The one and the only DUMBLE MISTRESS herself
by WAGGIE April 8, 2008
n. A short, fat, slow man with little to no grasp on the workings of technological devices, though he is "in the field".

v. To royally fuck up anything and everything one does.
"Man, he really dumbled that help call".
by LandoAWD September 29, 2005
Seriously dude? Wearing a 24 carat gold chain with your hoodie? Stop dumbling...
by ju13s January 20, 2012
a dum elephant that looks like a dumpling
Yo Dylan, isn't he so dumbly
by yourstruelyme April 15, 2020