Big Eared Politician that is the PM of Australia that has big ears and 2 hot daughters
Tony Abbott doesn’t need an example
by urdaman February 04, 2015
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Australian politician that denies climate change. Stands for nothing more than getting into power. Claims to be a christian but shows his true colors when it comes to asylum seekers.
That blokes more racist than Tony Abbott.
by Adelaidedude June 26, 2011
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A stupid dickhead that the Australian people voted Prime Minister. He is a racist, sexist dumbfuck who doesn't care for our environment and has given Australia a bad name by even existing.
Person One: Who did we vote PM again?
Person Two: That stupid dick face Tony Abbott
Person One: Oh right!
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n. next Prime Minister of Australia

v. 1) to pull off a huge upset

2) to display hallmarks of rugged masculinity, despite rather grotesque appearance, often resulting in winning the appeal of others.

3) to be unsuitable attired for an occasion.
1) "dude, i totally tony abbott'd that exam"
2) "dude, whats up with that chick and that guy? How'd he tony abbott that broad?"
3) "the guy was wearing budgie smugglers to a wedding. what an abbott"
by rgdawg August 19, 2010
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What Is It? Tony Abbott Delusional disorder is classified as a psychotic disorder, a disorder where a person has trouble recognizing reality. A delusion is a false belief that is based on an incorrect interpretation of reality. Delusions, like all psychotic symptoms, can occur as part of many different psychiatric disorders. But the term delusional disorder is used when delusions are the most prominent symptom.

A person with this illness holds a false belief firmly, despite clear evidence or proof to the contrary.

The outlook varies. Although the disorder can go away after a short time, delusions also can persist for months or years. The inherent reluctance of a person with this disorder to accept treatment makes the prognosis worse. However, people with this disorder retain many areas of functioning, so some do reasonably well with limited assistance.
That poor man has "Tony Abbott Delusional Disorder", quick call the vet.
by draustralia August 07, 2015
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