How basic bitches state their age in their Instagram bios, and they think they're unique for doing so.
"Chapter 17 / single / hmu"
by crazycalwil May 30, 2019
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Chapter most commonly used in New Orleans as several negative words. Chapter means straight up done, no more good, a wrap on that, useless. Basically, a closure to something for whatever reason that you want. Peep this you can put closure to it before opening it. (Lol) Chapter has recently been shorten to (chap).
Man that girl's chapter (chap)
His game is chap.
I don't get down with him anymore he's chap.
No her chap ass didn't .........

by Putty the pimp June 15, 2006
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when someone say you look a mess or if someome tell u that they put a number on the end of chapter or if yo look really bad the say close the chapter book......said alot in new orleans
gurl your hair is chapter 4.
your momma gold is lonly it look chapter14.
your g-nikes is through...close the chapter book.
by new orleans October 25, 2005
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A word used to describe clubs or groups across different cities, states or countries, most commonly Biker gangs.
!:The Hells Angels are starting a new chapter here.

2:The London chapter.
by VoodooVelma January 3, 2010
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retarded scene kids in denial, cant accept the fact that they are scene losers like all the other scene kids so they fail at an attempt to create another subculture which is, last time i checked..exactly much like scene subculture. Oh damn! Nice try faggots, now go shave your head and find your balls.
Chapter kid: "L-O-L-Z fuck the scene I'm a CK for life and waffle pony butt sex!"
Mopey: "No GTFO you fail and you're scene."
Chapter kid: ":( DENIAL! "
by Mopeman February 29, 2008
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The chapter in which Baz Pitch and Simon Snow do Gay™ things. Chapter 61 in Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is the single best chapter known to man.
Person: What's the best thing that's ever happened to this Earth?
Me: Chapter 61.
by rainbow-annihilation July 22, 2018
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