13 definitions by JDawg 316

When a guy shows up at a girls house unannounced with his cock hanging out!
Chad : Hey girl what's up!
Keirsten : Ohh Baby What A Big Surprise!
by JDawg 316 March 6, 2016
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An overweight good for nothing person who refuses to work and relies on other people to take care of them.
After Brent walked out on his job he became nothing more to his family than a fat fuck.
by JDawg 316 March 22, 2016
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When you make sweet love to a woman for numerous hours accompanied by Kenny G music!
Chad went Kenny G Style on Keirsten after there date they were moanin and bonin all night!
by JDawg 316 January 17, 2016
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A man made sticky substance used to pleasure women and make babies.
Chad injected Keirsten with his love goo and made her moan although 9 month's later she was screaming when Chad Jr arrived!
by JDawg 316 April 4, 2016
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The soft spot between a girls thighs where a guy can rest his boner at night.
Chad 's boner was tired so he placed it in Keirsten's canal and filled it up with a river of semen.
by JDawg 316 December 23, 2015
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When a male and female wear only a pair of socks during sexual intercourse
Chad has erectile dysfunction but for some reason when his girl Keristan walks around the house naked with only her socks on he get's a boner so they have socks sex at night to keep him pleased!
by JDawg 316 January 2, 2016
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Another description for a guy's cum, semen, or sperm!
Kaylee : Dang Kiersten you smell really bad what's going on?
Kiersten : Well me and Chad fucked for a long time last night and then covered me in his Boss Sauce I showered 3 times this morning but it didn't help sorry!
Kaylee : Wow I bet his bed smells really bad too!
Kiersten : Hey that's his wife's problem I just fuck her man she can clean up the mess!
Kaylee : Right On!
by JDawg 316 January 5, 2017
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