another name for Wal~Mart
Kids, get in the car. We're going to Wally World! While we're there we will: get our tires rotated, change the oil in the van, get our eyes checked, get hair cuts, get our portraits taken, fill our prescriptions, renew our fishing license, get groceries, buy new bicycles, TV and blue ray, get party decorations, have lunch, go to the bank, apply for a job . . . .
by petermante September 12, 2011
"This shit was only $9.00 at Wally World"
"Hi, welcome to Wally World... would you like a sticker?"
by Jillhole December 4, 2002
1. The name of the amusement park the Griswold family visits after struggling through the cross country trip in the movie "National Lampoons Vacation". Wally is a fictional cartoon character in the National Lampoon universe. The park that was Wally World in the movie in real life is Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

2. Slang term for one of the world's biggest companies, Wal-Mart.
1. We are going to Wally World!
2. Wally World has such good deals!
by annonymous November 21, 2004
A group of complete idiots who act like they are something they clearly are not. This group is often associated with a manly personality and/or physique. Also a common slang for the popular store Walmart.
«That group right there is a proper Wally World»
«Yeah, I know man, just look how manly they are»
by Ww_2021 March 21, 2021
Jon: Did you buy the toilet paper yet?

Dave: No, I still haven't been to Wally World
by Makeincubus August 22, 2010
Nickname for Walmart, the Mecca of discount stores. (Target is the Medina). Established in 1962, Wally World has become the default brick-and-mortar retailer for many North Americans because of its wide selection and cheap prices.
After work, I have to go to Wally World for some groceries, my windshield wiper fluid, a present for my niece - and, I just remembered, I've run out of foundation for my blotchy face.
by The Real Canadian January 19, 2019