A term used specifically for extremely funky bass players that like to slap the bass. Contrary to non-funky bassists, who enjoy fingering.

Also used out of context to describe a funky bassist loving fandom, who "slap" the like or subscribe buttons.
Friend: Did you see that amazing funk bassist Davie504?
Me: Yeah man, he is the original Slapper! I've even slapped his subscribe button.
Friend: Ah yeah! so you're a Slapper too!
by AtarashiiKyojin August 18, 2019
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A slapper is someone who acts, dresses or talks like a hoe
Girl A: I was walking to McDonald’s with Chris and I saw the biggest slapper at the bus stop!
Girl B: I mean, what do you expect? They everywhere!
by SlangForDays February 9, 2021
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Usually cake faced and guzzling cum you will find a slapper in the middle of the night at nightclubs trying to score some cock.
by loffice August 24, 2011
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Origin: British
Meaning a loose woman, slut, etc... Came about because of the sound that occurs during sex.
Ella was with 3 guys last night! She's such a 'Slapper'!
by Aday83 October 1, 2007
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Adj. a song that you love; like
“This song slaps” “What a slapper of a song” “That song they played at the party yesterday slapped
by tyehdgxid April 23, 2019
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1.Someone who “slaps the bass” and slaps like on Davies videos

2.someone who slaps a bass guitar
Can be used by saying. “Slap like now or I will sue you” “ you want me to call you slapper but you didn’t slap enough likes on that video”
by Davie504 is a bass guitar August 20, 2019
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