1. (n) A pop rock band from Indianapolis, IN named after a Tears For Fears song.
2. (adj.) Used to describe anything with a similar style to the band - usually referring to their prep-rock appearance or emotive song content and willingness to make grand gestures for a loved one's satisfaction.
2. "That sweater vest is very Working Hour of you."


"Mike was so into Katie he went all Working Hour on her and made her a miniature house; it took him four years and she didn't even like it."
by TellyRide77 September 17, 2009
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When you see a truck going 10-15 miles per hour under the speed limit, it's a good bet the driver is being paid hourly and not per job. Also, the job is probably unpleasant so getting to it is not a priority.
No wonder traffic isn't moving. That sewer pump out truck driver is working by the hour.
by Isaac Bickenstaff December 26, 2011
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A time a slave has to work in.
(Slave as in employee)
A time of work hours could be from 10am to 8pm
by Mr_Jumin_Han December 19, 2016
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