A nerd with excellent troubleshooting capabilities (sometimes suspected of having supernatural powers). Usually, he has also has puzzling jargon and a strange sense of humor.
"Hiro Nakamura is a super nerd!"
by KaiserSoze1 November 19, 2007
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a nerd ranking, a nerd with far more superior powers than an average nerd and respected by other nerds. meaning a nerd that has a extremely high level of intellect and rejected socially

or a geek that became a nerd but is more annoying and talks about computers all the time.
nerds hang around each other for protection and to fit in while super nerds are much more rare and are alone most of the time until that is a bully comes
by xd4rksidex May 10, 2007
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1. A person who constantly performs actions associated with nerds, but is generally not considered a loser, geek, or dork.
2. One who can perform complex calculations in their head.
You: "Damn, I got a 43 out of 59 on the Bio test."
Spencer: "Ouch, a 72.8 percent..."
You: "Damnit Spencer, you're such a super nerd. What'd you do over the weekend anyway?"
Spencer: "Won our footbal game with Conifer, and spent a good time programming my calculator."
by Ivy Leeg September 25, 2005
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Someone who is highly intelligent and funny who gets on very well sociably (unlike the steriotypical nerd) and is normally excellent at sports and everything they attempt.
Basically a SuperHuman.
Simon: I cant believe James is captain of the Football team as well.
Adam: Yeah i know, he's great at everything...
Pete: He must be one of them Super Nerds.
by I P Frealy June 3, 2007
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One who is always using new internet slang, in order to attain popularity.
haha that kid is rofl2max
wtf is rofl2max, lol super nerd +1
by NeMoD May 22, 2006
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Someone that spends thier entire life playing lame video games such as World of Warcraft and Gears of War. Super-Nerds also cling to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 often. Super-Nerds use "gamer language", often using idiotic words such as "Pwned!"(Pronounced "Powned"), "Owned!", and "Noob". Super-Nerds are people you do not want to be seen with in public and embarrass themselves with their stupid behavior. They are also socially awkward, often taking a couple years more to mature into adults. Super-Nerds are physically awkward as well, walking like a stick is up their ass or standing stiff as a board. Their personality is stiff as a board too. They have no personality traits unless they are playing online on Xbox Live. If an attractive girl makes contact with a Super-Nerd, he will usually sweat and turn red and not know what to do or say. Lets face it, the only thing he knows how to do is pwn noobs in WoW.
A super-nerd is standing next to a hot girl in the lunch line. He glances at her quickly, making sure he does not make eye contact. The girl drops a quarter, bends over to pick it up and puts her hand on his shoulder for stability. The super-nerd's face turns red and he begins to move nervously. The girl looks up and says "Sorry, I dropped my quarter". The super-nerd pauses and tries to speak but nothing but a nervous squeak escapes his mouth. The girl looks at him strange and walks ahead of him in line. The super-nerd thinks to himself "Damn, getting it on with her would've been better than that time I totally pwned that level 11 Night Elf in World of Warcraft!"
by Dani California January 20, 2008
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Originally named "Super Naked Party," "Super Nerd Party"(SNP) is a PC gaming community in Kingston Ontario. SNP holds monthly LAN parties and events, public and private. For events, sign-ups, information, and blogs go to www.supernerdparty.com
"Sorry I can't hang out with you this weekend, I'm attending a Super Nerd Party!"
by AllanSNP February 15, 2009
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