1. A person who constantly performs actions associated with nerds, but is generally not considered a loser, geek, or dork.
2. One who can perform complex calculations in their head.
You: "Damn, I got a 43 out of 59 on the Bio test."
Spencer: "Ouch, a 72.8 percent..."
You: "Damnit Spencer, you're such a super nerd. What'd you do over the weekend anyway?"
Spencer: "Won our footbal game with Conifer, and spent a good time programming my calculator."
by Ivy Leeg September 24, 2005
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A supernerd is your stereotypical nerd times ten. He has a bowlcut, gigantic glasses with tape around the nose (from being hit in the face during PE ine too many times), a boyish build, pants that go up to his armpits but fail to cover his ankles, dorky printed button up shirts that are ALWAYS tucked in, tube socks, and loafers. A supernerd is generally scrawny and highly obnoxious. He tends to be an only child with an overly affectionate mother. He enjoys activities such as band, choir, botany, computers, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything else remotely uncool. He tries to fit in, but is always shunned by the 'cool kids'. His longtime crush is naturally the 'Big Man on Campus's girlfriend
Did you see that Supernerd today? I can't believe he was wearing that.
by deanalouisesnapper May 24, 2010
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An individual whose nerdy qualities supersede that of an average nerd.
She is obviously a supernerd because she is highlighting that entire page.
by DDgator December 07, 2009
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