A variant on 69 sex position where both participants are eating ass.
'Wanna 59?'
'Do you mean 69?'
'Nah I meant 59, it's when we eat each other's asses.'
by F.Wexler April 6, 2019
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basically to be used instead of the word check
i am unsure of something, i better 59 it

oi pal, 59 these new shoes
by The Alpha Dog April 14, 2010
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An attempted 69 by person in a wheelchair
Sarah: -Sees handicapped guy- "That guy's cute"

Alex: "Lawl, you gonna 59 each other?"
by pnguyen July 23, 2009
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When a woman lies sideways on top of a man, bellybutton on bellybutton, and jerks the man off with one hand, and forces her other hand in the mans face and mouth, to the point of exhaustion.
1. "Dude, it got really nuts last night with Michelle, she actually winded up giving me a 59."

2. "I couldn't believe it but i saw this video of Paris Hilton giving this dude a 59. It was intense."
by BrendoBot August 1, 2010
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Just like 69 but when one of the people involved is a paraplegic, i.e. the shape of the wheel chair will form a number 5
My paraplegic girlfriend and I engage in 59 rather than 69, as it is physically impossible for her to 69 in her wheelchair.
by .milker. December 1, 2019
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it's like a 69 except the guy does none of the work.
guy 1: "what a night last night"

guy 2: "what happened? did you 69?"

guy 1: "better, 59"

guy 2: "nice one!"
by jossmc552 December 5, 2009
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