A best friend.Hiro can be a person or a pet either way he will always be seen as a family member .Hiro will always manage to put a smile on your face no matter what.
I remember hiro was the only one there for me when I was depressed”
by Hoese December 3, 2019
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1. A name for a male who is a Hero to everyone. Furthermore, the name expresses the greatness behind all when it comes to sex. Cases show that it is easier for femals to orgasm the word 'Hiro' because the lack of air allows the word to slip out. (Please try at home; preferably at times when your parents are not at home so they do not mistaken you with les, gay, or bi. For those who are single, les, gay or bi, feel free to try anytime!)
2. Those who are named Hiro are very outgoing people.
3. There are many suffixes. (ex. Hiro-ko, Hiro-masa, Hiro-ki etc.)
3. There are many prefixes. (ex. Taka-hiro, Masa-hiro, Kuni-hiro etc.)
4. People named Hiro are sexy people. They mostly attract females (in cases males).
5. Those who care about others the most are named Hiro. They are constantly on the watch for any of their friends, relatives, or people in general who desire help.
"Oh, Hirooo"
"Hiro, you are my Hero!"
by checkmatethegirl January 18, 2009
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Hiro Nakamura is a fictional character on the NBC drama Heroes who possesses the ability to teleport and manipulate the space-time continuum. He is played by actor Masi Oka. The character has so far appeared in every episode, although in one instance he was portrayed by child actor Garrett Masuda and not Masi Oka.
Hiro will save New York City from the bomb!
by Jason Bayer August 9, 2007
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"i'll do it gentle like Hiro!"
by mosachiko April 25, 2018
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by gvbbi December 17, 2021
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