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fat fuck (noun) a person who is annoying and obese. and would be called a 'fucker' but to add more effect they are called fat fuck instead.

fat fuck (verb) this meaning is having sex with a obese person male or female at least one of the people must be fat in order for it to be called fat fuck.
some obese kid: hey at least im not anorexic
some kid getting yelled at: ahah im not anorexic but i aint a fat fuck like you.
*fat fuck got pwnd*

nerd: i totally had fat fuck with tracy after prom
someone that isnt a nerd: yea w/e
by xd4rksidex June 23, 2007
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a nerd ranking, a nerd with far more superior powers than an average nerd and respected by other nerds. meaning a nerd that has a extremely high level of intellect and rejected socially

or a geek that became a nerd but is more annoying and talks about computers all the time.
nerds hang around each other for protection and to fit in while super nerds are much more rare and are alone most of the time until that is a bully comes
by xd4rksidex May 10, 2007
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