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doing something scandalous at an elementary school.
"i totally went to maugham last night!"
"omg really?"
"yeahhh mannn it was sickk"
by dani california April 19, 2006

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Someone that spends thier entire life playing lame video games such as World of Warcraft and Gears of War. Super-Nerds also cling to Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3 often. Super-Nerds use "gamer language", often using idiotic words such as "Pwned!"(Pronounced "Powned"), "Owned!", and "Noob". Super-Nerds are people you do not want to be seen with in public and embarrass themselves with their stupid behavior. They are also socially awkward, often taking a couple years more to mature into adults. Super-Nerds are physically awkward as well, walking like a stick is up their ass or standing stiff as a board. Their personality is stiff as a board too. They have no personality traits unless they are playing online on Xbox Live. If an attractive girl makes contact with a Super-Nerd, he will usually sweat and turn red and not know what to do or say. Lets face it, the only thing he knows how to do is pwn noobs in WoW.
A super-nerd is standing next to a hot girl in the lunch line. He glances at her quickly, making sure he does not make eye contact. The girl drops a quarter, bends over to pick it up and puts her hand on his shoulder for stability. The super-nerd's face turns red and he begins to move nervously. The girl looks up and says "Sorry, I dropped my quarter". The super-nerd pauses and tries to speak but nothing but a nervous squeak escapes his mouth. The girl looks at him strange and walks ahead of him in line. The super-nerd thinks to himself "Damn, getting it on with her would've been better than that time I totally pwned that level 11 Night Elf in World of Warcraft!"
by Dani California January 19, 2008

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