1. The smoking/consumption of marijuana

2. The affect of marijuana

Originally a codeword to use around authority figures.
Dude, when are we gunna go sunbath?

I smoked some good shit and now I'm sunbathed off my ass.
by Schlicky Hands Peete October 12, 2006
A sunbather is a piece of shit intentionally left on the toilet seat out of spite. Similar to upper decker and a play off of drop off the cosby kids at the pool. The sunbather is meant to evoke the image of a person basking in the sun next to a pool.
Kevin was unhappy with the service at the restaurant, so he left a sunbather in the restroom.
by Bobbie Blackeyes September 1, 2011
A sex position where you lie flat on your back on top of a male who is lying flat on their back, with you head positioned by their penis whilst trying to get tongue (represents sand) out of your ass crack. Should you wish to apply sun tan lotion, just toss the person off. Or you can flick the pages of your book from this position.
I was sunbathing the other day on the beach with a hairy man.
by otterjati April 26, 2015
This term is used to describe someone who is very soft. You would use the term to describe an athlete who milks an injury that most people would just shrug off. Take for example a hockey player who lays on the ice like he just got hit by a freight train,when he only got a good check.
Hockey player 1: Why is mike laying out on the ice? He hardly got hit.

Hockey player 2: He's sunbathing butter!
by TV CAR March 8, 2010
The oily, oozing result of improper pork sausage preparation prior to barbequeuing; simmilar in appearance to a British person attempting to get skin cancer
You call that dinner? It looks like a Sunbathing brit!
by Hades January 3, 2003
Sunbathing where you probably shouldn't, especially when in the nude.
We hopped the fence to the army installation, ran through the woods to the shore of their pond and did some guerilla sunbathing.
by obabakoak October 1, 2006
A excuse used by parents caught in the advance stages of intimacy by ones younger children.
When I woke up and came down stairs for a drink my parents were indoor sunbathing in front of the fire.
by Stimpsonjc February 16, 2014