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"good shit" is an expression someone says when they like an action or event that has happened.
Person A: Hey, I'm seeing this band live tomorrow night, how are they?
Person B: Dude, they are amazing live, you're going to have a blast!
Person A: Good shit!
by Oceasar November 14, 2013
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A phrase used to describe drugs that get you higher than usual.
That bag of weed I bought from my friend was some good shit.
by AYB April 09, 2003
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Good-Shit can be used to refer to a person, generally as a compliment or praise for someone who is fun to be around, or a decent person to be associated with in general.
"Remember that guy we worked with a couple years ago?"
"Yea, old Rudy. He was a good-shit."

"Let's go to my buddy John's house, he's a good-shit."
by mongoloid munnz June 17, 2018
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n.- when you drop a deuce and you feel a lot better than when you went in the bath in the first place.
that was a good shit!
by leaveit2keeler January 29, 2011
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Cop terms for a citizen or civilian. The innocents who have no idea how fucked up their city really is.
The world is composed of cops, thugs, and goodshits.
by riverwest July 20, 2009
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