Tie her up. Take a few steps back. Run at her making historically accurate freight train noises and plow straight into her. Finish.
by daddy jason November 4, 2017
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Group sex where the participants are all coupled together continuously like a train, engaging in various pleasures at the same time. Different from an orgy, which is usually several couples in the same room, or a gangbang, which is (usually) several men focused on one woman or man.
Watched a great porn the other night, 4 women & 4 men were doing a freight train!
by not really me February 12, 2004
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Blowing smoke out of one's nose while performing oral sex.
Jimmy got a freight train last night from Cindy while she was taking drags off her cigarette
by White Caps May 12, 2010
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feeling like an emotional wreckage after some iccident and now all you can do is lie around feeling like crap
my girlfriend just dumped me, i'm totally freight trained
by lukethebigfatleonard April 27, 2007
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A no brainer way to kill opponents in Gears of War. To Freight Train someone you simply hold the A button down as you charge at your opponent, then fire your shotgun as you get close enough. At that close of a range it resembles what would happen if a person got hit with a freight train.
Wanker, i just picked up my controller to get freight trained by that noob.

I've gotten 6 kills from freight training spawns this game.
by JacobM April 1, 2008
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When an unsuspecting animal dog,cat,deer or other, runs out into a street or highway. The said animal running with tunnel vision of only the other side of the road, gets hammered by the car/truck never seeing it coming. The animal usually get killed or severly injured to the point it wishes it was dead. Damage usually is done to the car/truck and there is always a large bang/yelping noise,with much blood and gore.
dude 1 : Did you see that dog that running around?

dude 2 : Yeah, that mother fucker just ran out into the street and got freight trained by an explorer. It was EPIC!
by TV CAR September 29, 2010
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I large alcoholic man who loves to drink Kharkov. You will find this mysterious creature on the futon in his room. He is usually watching star trek or scrubs. If you are lucky you will be able to spot him migrating from the room to the bathroom. When in the bathroom you can hear the furious roars coming out of his ass from all the way down the hall. When he needs some lovin he looks to 27 year old hood rats. BEWARE!!! If you catch him in a drunken stooper he will most likely be covered in pretzels and will pass out when you least expect it. If he does pass out in front of you kick him in the nuts(they will most likely be exposed) then pretend to call the cops.
Freight Train you trashed the room last night!!
Freight Train get the hell out of my room!
Freight Train you are one hot piece of ass
by Jay Sneezie September 18, 2007
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