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When your girl is being a pain in the ass you should tell her to do this. This is also a way for a girl to get something she wants. This method of swaying a mans judgement is almost 100% fool proof. The term may also be used to tell someone "No" instead of the always popular "Fuck you".
Girl 1: I asked scott to take me on a vacation and he said no.

Girl 2: Did you suck a dick?

Girl 1 :No,I'll give it a try though.

girl 2: You'll be goin on vacation,trust me.

example 2

guy 1 : Yo buddy, you think you can help me lift this heavy thing?

guy 2 : suck a dick, asshole!
by TV CAR March 06, 2010

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Thiis means to hurry the fuck up, and start moving your ass instead of sittin on it. Often told to lazy slackers sitting around on their fat asses smokin bowls and updating their face book accounts.
Tony : Eric why don't you get your ass in gear and get a fuckin job!

Eric :I will man,just let me finish burn'in one and update my facebook account.
by TV CAR March 20, 2010

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A person who has little to say, but takes forever to explain it. Can also be used to describe a person who tells a story that seems to go on forever even though is has very little substance.
dude 1: Man I just saw scott and he told me the story about his trip to jamacia, he went on forever about it.

dude 2: I hear that, he's one longwinded asshole.
by TV CAR April 10, 2010

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To describe something or a situation that is classic and/or priceless, like the ability of gold to stand the test of time and hold value. The term can be used to describe some epic adventure, great conquest,or just as a sarcastic remark to someone to patronize them.
dude: I slammed that hot redhead from the bar last nite.

dudes friend: That's gold!

example 2

tool : I just put a spoiler on the back my cavalier, it's so cool!

dude: Yeah that's gold.
by TV CAR April 08, 2010

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A task of pure evil brought on by the spring and summer months, and subsequent rain and sun in these periods of time. The task robs humans of precious time in these seasons and is a real pain in the ass. Problems with lawn mowing equipment, such as mower not running,being out of gas,out of oil,and weed eater broken are just some of the fun times and great stuff in store for all to enjoy.
Lawn mowing SUCKS!!!
by TV CAR April 08, 2010

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This term is for when you do a favor for someone,then use that favor to to taunt or guilt them.You try to keep this status over them as long as possible until you can cash that mother fucker in on something good.The term comes from the wildly popular passtime of taunting small children,by holding something over their head just out of reach and making them crazy.
tony:I just fixed missy's car today.

mike:Really how much did you charge her?

tony:nothing,but I told her" I'll hold it over your head"

mike:did she get it?

tony:I think so,but if she didn't, I'll remind her that I fix her car the next time we're chillin and I need my cock sucked.
by TV CAR March 01, 2010

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The army of fans who follow the band KISS, they lie dormant now, but as nations grow weak and citys turn to slums and evil stands strong the KISS army will rise up and become the new world order. KISS will then rule the world, that or it's just a KISS fan club for a bunch of kids born in the 70's.
The KISS army is strong, I think?
by TV CAR April 28, 2010

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