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A person you know who you only see when they need something, be it a favor or help with something. These people will always call and start off with some beating around the bush idle bullshitting, and then they slip in the "oh by the way I need......". Everone knows at least one asshole like this, it is a burden we must all carry.
lance: That pain in the ass hank stopped by today.

frank : What that tool want?

lance: He started with some small talk, then asked if I could help him move. He's a real mother fucker!!

frank: He's a real needer
by TV CAR April 6, 2010
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A person who has little to say, but takes forever to explain it. Can also be used to describe a person who tells a story that seems to go on forever even though is has very little substance.
dude 1: Man I just saw scott and he told me the story about his trip to jamacia, he went on forever about it.

dude 2: I hear that, he's one longwinded asshole.
by TV CAR April 11, 2010
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A task of pure evil brought on by the spring and summer months, and subsequent rain and sun in these periods of time. The task robs humans of precious time in these seasons and is a real pain in the ass. Problems with lawn mowing equipment, such as mower not running,being out of gas,out of oil,and weed eater broken are just some of the fun times and great stuff in store for all to enjoy.
by TV CAR April 8, 2010
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A nickname for someone who has alot of gas, and is always farting and stinkin up the joint. A common problem for those who like to frequent White Castles and eat sliders. This is also the name of some stupid actor from england, who is some tall queer who does these retarted comedy sketches that are as far from funny as pluto is from the sun.
I heard scott just went to white castle, so watch out for Mr. Beans!
by TV CAR March 20, 2010
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People on Urban Dictionary who are constantly submitting first and full names as new definitions, just to be rejected because 99% of these are fuckin stupid unfunny inside jokes that will never grace the holy sanctuaty we call the Urban Dictionary. Yet these simple minded folk just keep on keepin on submitting, cause their name submittin junkies.
Tool : I just tried to add my girls name to the Urban Dictionary as the hottest chick ever, but for the 27th time they slammed the door in my face. I don't get it ?

Tool's wise friend : You my friend are a nameaholic, and your stupid defs just don't fly.
by TV CAR March 28, 2010
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The army of fans who follow the band KISS, they lie dormant now, but as nations grow weak and citys turn to slums and evil stands strong the KISS army will rise up and become the new world order. KISS will then rule the world, that or it's just a KISS fan club for a bunch of kids born in the 70's.
The KISS army is strong, I think?
by TV CAR April 29, 2010
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To describe something or a situation that is classic and/or priceless, like the ability of gold to stand the test of time and hold value. The term can be used to describe some epic adventure, great conquest,or just as a sarcastic remark to someone to patronize them.
dude: I slammed that hot redhead from the bar last nite.

dudes friend: That's gold!

example 2

tool : I just put a spoiler on the back my cavalier, it's so cool!

dude: Yeah that's gold.
by TV CAR April 9, 2010
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