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A potential sexual partner who, due to appearance or reputation, looks like a fun ride, but you wouldn't want your friends to hear about it.
That girl's body is a 9 but her face is a 2 - she's a moped.
by obabakoak July 25, 2006
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A name for any town of 'Lexington' with an increasing percentage of legal and/or illegal immigrants from the country of Mexico.
I graduated from Mexington High in 1992.
by obabakoak July 25, 2006
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A purchase or aquisistion that is kept in the trunk of one's car, awaiting a more oportune moment to reveal to friends, family, especially ones spouse.
Yeh, I bought the crazy expensive shoes, but they're trunkers until that party on Friday night.
by obabakoak May 22, 2006
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Sunbathing where you probably shouldn't, especially when in the nude.
We hopped the fence to the army installation, ran through the woods to the shore of their pond and did some guerilla sunbathing.
by obabakoak October 01, 2006
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