what white people (generally women) subject themselves to every time they migrate in large flocks to tanning beds and such

Usually surfaces as a irregular, disgusting moles
*Overly tanned, burnt white woman walks up to a black woman*

White woman: Look, I'm darker than you!

Black woman: True, but at least my color doesn't go away and I won't die of skin cancer, bitch...
by ~Ebony~ March 21, 2007
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?having a lot of moles,

?breaking out with green & black on skin from nickel jewelry,
?when you quit smoking marijuanna with your bros,

?sun burn as soon as you walk in day light,

?skin severely hurting and feeling too tight,

?blood feeling poisoned,

?skin irritated and hurting, ?
?body stiffness,

?break outs from your razor (hey you didn't know it had nickel in it for the past 10 years you have been shaving yourself (hey no wonder you never had smooth skin after each shave, had ended up with purple, blue and black where it was bleeding over again)),

?a lot of moles on your body that are pretty big and puffy and some changing , darker colors even white, changing wierd shapes

?in the moles that you cut off okay that are turning white and you think ''thank god I have been living like an albino".. praying there is no melanoma in your blood!

I was afraid of getting skin cancer so I started living albino style, sure enough my skin was super puffy from my razor, my moles changed colors and shapes and now I hope I don't have melanoma!

A girl went tanning and got skin cancer.

Just because my mole is white does not mean I have skin cancer.
by Airabeara February 1, 2011
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The type of skin cancer you get from letting off too many fireworks on a patriotic holiday (Fourth of July, President's Day, Memorial Weekend)
Kris: Yo where's Tom? He didn't come back from summer break.
David: He's out with patriotic skin cancer from when he did fireworks at the 4th of July picnic.
by Pwink June 11, 2020
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